Step 1/5: Finding your real estate professional

Discovery Phase:

Are we the right fit to work together.  Essentially, do you want to hire me and are you a right-fit client for myself and my team.

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 With the end result being, our team helping you meet your real estate goals.If we agree to work together, the first step is to sign the exclusive right to buy contract. As soon as confidential information is elicited to me.  Prior to you disclosing private information to me, I need to send you the brokerage disclsoure. Before you go any further, CO law requires that I have to send you some documents. . . What is considered confidential:  preliminary or small talk such as price-range, property styles, small talk.  Any confidential information beyond small talk, earliest convenience, give a doc. (Heather, re-read Uniform duties in the ERTB)

1.  Brokerage Disclosure to Buyer.  We are required to give this to you during the discovery process.  While we are trying to figure out how we will work together, this document shows you the different ways I can work with you. If you were to sign this, it is not a contractually binding agreement, it is merely a disclosure.  To create a contractual relationship, we will need to sign the Exclusive Right to Buy Contract. (Attached a PDF that is blank from DORA so my info is not on there.  (Show a couple of properties prior to signing the ERTB, then this needs to be filled out and sent to you.) Uniform duties, regardless. 

2.  Sign the Exclusive Right to Buy Contract.  This contract is essentially my employment contract with you.  My responsibliteis to you and your responsibilities to me.  Once you’ve reviewed your Exclusive Right to Buy Contract, you can easily digi-sign from your computer, tablet or phone. Please note that this form must be signed for us to be able to show you homes and represent you as your real estate agent.  Assumed a transaction broker until this document is signed. [Blank ERTB contract with highlighted key points.)

3.  Loan Pre-Approval Letter.  The Loan Pre-Qualification Letter is necessary for us to understand what you qualify for so you don’t lose precious time during this important process.  As well, most savvy sellers will not entertain an offer unless this is submitted along with the purchase offer.  If you are already pre-qualified, great job and please email to our team:  If you are not, no sweat, that is what we are here for.  Look below in buyer resources to view a list of great lenders and we can start this process! (Psst: this form is called:  Loan pre-approval & List of Lenders: Simple Process to Follow.). Soft approval, but there is a list. of items you will need to give to your ledner to complete the applicatino process. Your application is never completely approved utnil you have the address, taxes, HOA docs.  Pre-qual is just a first step and to give you an idea of how large of a loan you will most likely (cursory review,) qualify for.  This is handled by completing a simple application. (Pro-tip:  submit the necessary documents now, so that pre-approval is much easier when you’ve identified a property.)  Pre-approval is the second step and is a conditional commitment to actually grant you a mortgage-this is when you atually submit documents such as W2’s,   but it can never be a full pre-approval until they have a proprety address.  Items such as the taxes, HOA dues, etc wil factor into the final approval. (DTI: debt to income ratio).  Usually it is best to submit all the documents requested ahead of time.  (Lender, mock up a prequalification letter with everything on there and the general information.) Remoe the lender form on this page, but let them know we have a resource called:  and it will be offered in the next step. 

If we decide to sign the Exclusive Right to Buy Contract, here is what we will discuss next:  Property searches, looking at homes an utilizing the House Hunting Checklist, home document sheet, open houses, making an offer. Things you Must know as a buyer when looking at homes. 5 Steps to preapre for the Home Loan Process, and other FAQ’s.

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