Ultimate Seller Process™
Step 5: Closing

Congratulations, your next big step is closing. Closing is the final step of your sales process. This is when all paperwork is signed by both buyer and seller, funds have been transferred and the title company will record the new deed which transfers ownership to the new owners. 




Here are 3 Items we need your participation with:

1.  Confirm your final details: signing preferences, wiring/funding instructions, move-out details.

2.  Complete the “Welcome Home” form for the new owners. (Link to online form below)

3.  Show up to closing or sign via mail-out which includes an e-notary.



~Heather Connor

Team Lead & REALTOR®


Here’s what happens next. . .When you have officially closed it means that both buyer and seller have signed the appropriate paperwork, the buyer (or their lender) has deposited appropriate funds to the title company’s escrow account. From there, the title company will disburse funds as outlined in the settlement statements. The title company will send an official email after all parties have signed to notify that the documents have been recorded, finances have been funded, and the contract is officially closed. This can occur at the title company or, if you are eligible, via a remote notary with digi-sign copies of closing paperwork.  We have included several helpful resources to help guide and protect you in this final stage of your home sale process.


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