Finding your Real Estate Professional

Finding your real estate professional and deciding who to work with is the first step in your buyer journey.  This is when you meet with and interview agents to see if they are a good fit for you. This is also a good time for the real estate professional to gauge if you are the right client fit for them. 

Hello, and welcome to our resource page for potential clients!  My team and I have compiled numerous resources to aid in your journey of investing in our beautiful community of Crested Butte.  The first resource is the Ultimate Buyer Process-TM, which is a process we created to demystify purchasing in our unique resort community.  We outline your buyer process both in the state of Colorado as well as hyper-local aspects of purchasing in our resort community.  Should we decide to work together, you will always receive an email with “What Happens Next” so you always feel prepared throughout your homebuying journey.

PS:  I listed the first three things I think you need to know right now.  

  1. Review the Brokerage Disclosure to Buyer.  All real estate professionals are required to send either this disclosure or the Exclusive Right to Buy Contract to you during the discovery process and prior to you sharing confidential and sensitive information with us.  The Brokerage Disclosure to Buyer shows you the different ways we can potentially work together, and does not require your signature, as it is not a contractually binding agreement.  See below for a sample of this disclosure.
  2. Sign the Exclusive Right to Buy Contract.  This contract is essentially my employment contract with you.  This outlines my responsibilities to you and your responsibilities to me.  As a real estate professional I have uniform duties that we must uphold regardless of how this employment contract is completed.  In the state of Colorado we are assumed to be a transaction broker until this document is completed.  Essentially, being a transaction broker means I must remain neutral and cannot fully work on your behalf until this document is signed.  This is much like me being a referee in your transaction versus being your coach.  The referee must remain neutral whereas as a “coach” I can work on your behalf and in your best interest.  See below for a sample of this disclosure.
  3. Discuss the Ultimate Buyer Process: I am a full-time real estate professional and my team and I are here to ensure that you are well represented and have the tools necessary to feel confident in your real estate journey. Since we are located in a resort community, there are certain aspects that may be different than a primary market that you may be more familiar with.  As well, many of our buyers may live out of state and are not familiar with our process here in Colorado and in Crested Butte, Should we choose to work together, we will review this process together to ensure you have time to ask questions so you feel prepared during this fast-paced time.  See below for a PDF that outlines the basics.  

*If we decide to sign the Exclusive Right to Buy Contract, here is what we will discuss next:  Custom property searches for you, looking at homes (both in-person and remote viewings) and utilizing the House Hunting Checklist,  We will also discuss open houses, the fundamentals of making an offer and if gaining a loan, the 5 Steps to prepare for the Home Loan Process in a resort community.


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The Ultimate Buyer™ Resources

Ultimate Buyer Process™ PDF

Exclusive Right to Buy Contract (Sample)

Brokerage Disclosure to Buyer (Sample)