Ultimate Buyer Process™
Step 1: Decision to Work Together

We’ve decided to work together in your real estate purchase.  This means that you have employed me to be your real estate professional to show you property, write your contracts, and to oversee the transaction according to our signed employment agreement. 

Here’s what happens next. . .

First, let me introduce you to your Ultimate Buyer Process™.  This process was created to ensure you always know what happens next, and have instant access to additional resources.  You will receive an email during every pivotal moment of the transaction, explaining what to expect next.  To view the 5 pivotal milestones, you can view the Ultimate Buyer Process PDF below.  Now let’s talk about what happens now that you have decided to hire me as your real estate professional. 

To get started, we need to sign the Exclusive Right to Buy Contract and other ancillary documents.. We will want a copy of your pre-approval letter from your lender or proof of funds from your financial institution.  If you have not been pre-approved, then we will help get you connected to a lender as a pre-approval letter is necessary to view homes.  From there, we will set you up on an automated MLS search so you can attend open houses or request private showings.  Once you have found a property that is suitable for your needs, we will construct a purchase offer and this will take us to Step 2 of the Ultimate Buyer Process: Written Offer.

3 Things We Need Your Participation With

1. Review, complete and sign relevant forms. These will be sent via email from CTME-contracts.
2. Email your Pre-approval letter or proof of funds.  If not pre-approved, start this process asap.
3.  Request private showings with us, and attending open houses. It’s important you review the
What You Must Know Prior to Viewing Homes PDF below.


~Heather Connor
Team Lead & Realtor® 

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