Buyer: (conting. removed, replace with completion of dates & deadlines). Prepping for closing.

We’ve made it past all of our date & deadlines, nothing else to monitor If gaining a loan, we are waiting for the lender  to get us figures to title. 

-Review settlement statement with your broker (me)

-Review CD with the lender


-Verify location of closing and that it has been scheduled

-Verify cash to close

-Prepare moving details

Walkthrough, to ensure that everything in the inspection resolution has been handled, all the inclusions are on the property per the contract, how much cash to close and ensure they are available to wire or cashier’s check. If questions on this, ask title. (if primary home:  prep change of address, if moving from previous rental or home then contact utility companies to cancel or move utilities to new location.). Vacation market: property manager to care for home or handle rentals.

[Moving checklist, utility PDF] 

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