Buyer: Closing Day

Closing Day is the day title, deed and funds are transferred from seller to buyer. 

Both buyer and seller will sign documents, buyer & buyer lender will ensure funds have been transferred and the title company will record the deed, transfer title and funds. Your possession of the property may be different from your closing day and is whatever was agreed to between you and the seller.  Your possession date will also be noted in your purchase contract.  Key items to note below for this important day:

Know where the closing is:  (In-person, mail-out, remote notary) making sure you have the cashier check or wire ready, if it’s cash–most likely a wire due to teh amount.  Verify the timing to ensure that it makes it to title in time for closing (Usually 24-48 hours in advance, verify cut-off times especially if you are out of state/country.). To ensure you don’t default.  Valid ID, if questions, then ask title.

-Location & Time of closing.  Know where your closing is.  Is it in-person,

-Prepare/transfer funds. (If loan, ensure both lender & your transfer of funds. (24-48 hours in advance. Usually the wire cut-off is 2pm time zone is based on the location of Central time zone.)

-Valid Identification

-Remember to review settlement statement again

-You’ll receive a Closing Packet with all documents

Resources: (PDF for Buyer process attached. Remove House hunting checklist, replace with Video on wire fraud- after the close you can get fraudulent mail for $100 we’ll send you a copy of your deed. Q&A Document:  When do I get the keys/can move-in:  -based on possession date on the contract + funding.  Funds before or at closing, or as agreed between buyer & seller for disbursement by the title company.  At closing, seller agrees to bring a set of keys for buyer, transfer of title at closing. Q&A: often buyer and seller sign separately or remotely, so when is closing official.  Always at or before, on or before closing. Q&A: date is on the contract, time is upon delivery of deed & funding.  Q&A: what is considered “funded.”  When title company has confirmed the title company received the funds and disbursements have gone out to all appropriate parties.  Funded is when funds have been both received & disbursed.I can hand you keys once title has confirmed funds have been disbursed. 

You already get a a copy in your closing packet.  Including a copy of your deed, it’s just not recorded at that time, and then you get a copy after it’s recorded.) Q&A:  Copy of recorded deed, tax documents, what records to keep.  We’ll send a digital packet to keep on-hand for their CPA, tax time.  Buyer is closed when both buyer and seller have signed, funding has been trasnferred to seller and both parties have a copy of their paperwork including deed.   Buyer gets keys when: buyer/seller sign docs + receive copy, funding to seller and what is agreed-upon in the contract for posession.  Most contracts state possession is at closing but verify your contract. Q&A: What if our possession day is different tham clsing day?  This means you would have sign a post-closing occupancy agreement that is called Seller Rent-Back Agreement.  This agreement is a short-term lease-back from the buyer to the seller to allow the seller to remain in the property for no longer than 60 days. This agreement covers items such as possession, rent, buyer access, who pays utilities, maintenance, damage to the property, deposits, and anything else agreed-upon between buyer and seller for this short rental period.   (If longer than 60 days, then this would be a lease that both of you signed that was most likely prepared by a property manager or attorney.)

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