Top 5 Surprisingly Real Health Tips

April 06, 2022
Author: Heather Connor, Realtor

5 Surprisingly Health Tips for Living in a Resort Community Like Crested Butte

There are 5 things you should know about health if you plan on living in a resort community, and specifically, a ski community like Crested Butte.

1. Hydration is Key

Water increases the efficiency of red blood cells. Cells use water to energize and top off the reserves. And water is the main solvent for all foods, vitamins, and minerals. Water is also essential for our body’s cooling and heating systems.


How does altitude affect hydration? Factors such as loss of water due to dryer air, frequent urination, rapid breathing, and heart rate increase. So, depending on how active you are while visiting Crested Butte, can also affect this.

2. Keeping Your Biochemistry Healthy

It means keeping your body and brain chemicals in a happy state. Living in a resort community where the general demeanor can be “Work hard and play hard”, it’s easy to let the pendulum swing too high and too far into a certain direction. This could mean overindulging in mind-altering substances including high adrenaline sports, relying on food and Netflix to help you disassociate. Finding your balance and incorporating potential tools such as meditation, journaling, exercise, and finding new ways to continue your growth through books, podcasts, or amazingly intuitive intelligent friends. Eating the right foods with the proper nutrients to fill your body and your mind’s growth.

3. Skincare: Face and Body

Living in a high-altitude location might require some adjustments to your regular skincare routine since the weather greatly affects your skin since the air is dryer than usual. You may check the link below for the vlog discussing what Skincare works for me and recommendations.

4. Relationships

Relationships are key no matter where you live. Sometimes, people may struggle with maintaining close relationships when they live in this area due to so many reasons. Some of the factors that we see in Crested Butte would be mitigating factors such as travel, there are part-time residents, and intentionally seasonal visitors. Affordability can also be a factor in who not only can live here and who ends up ultimately being able to put roots into the community and being able to stay.

5. Financial Congruency

“There is no right or wrong answer to your financial goals.”


Crested Butte brings people from all different demographic and socio-economic levels. There are folks that just want to come here for a ski season. The Magic of Crested Butte is that we invite a blend of all types of people in all phases of life. Your goals are allowed to be very different.

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