[Perspective Shift with Heather] Derailed Dreams

Don’t let others derail your dreams.  

Dreams in general are a protected subject for me.  Maybe you can say it is because I am a constant fountain of ideas.  As soon as one idea pours out of me, another is on its way.  Many are fleeting, some have a moment of contemplation and then a few keep circling back.  Regardless, they are all little visionary extensions of me and of which I protect.

Now those few dreams that circle back. . . they knock on the door and ask me to re-visit with them.  Ask me to officially turn the knob, open the door, begin the journey.

When I make the commitment to begin that journey, I used to immediately share with those around me.  I felt like as soon as this idea was spoken from my lips and then heard by another, that it became real.

You know what I found out?  

That speaking it out loud to another did not make it real. 

As well, I learned that some folks will support you and some will not.  Some will say they do, but secretly do not.  Some want to see you succeed, but cannot get past their own fear.

There’s also a special group of folks that genuinely support you. They will be the first to applaud your success. They will also be the first to pick you up from the rubble, help dust off the setback, and aid in getting you back on your feet.  When you question why you started the process, they will merely state “because it’s a part of you” and then will help you to continue to push forward.

So the moral of this story is actually not about keeping it inside.  It’s about protecting what’s important including those that you choose to share space with.

Let me know if this resonates with you, as always, I love hearing your thoughts.

Everyone have a beautiful Sunday and I look forward to connecting later this week.


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