San Diego Buyer Process

Step Five. Closing & Beyond

Congratulations, your next big step is closing. Closing is the final step of your sales process. This is when all paperwork is signed by both buyer and seller, funds have been transferred and the title company will record the new deed which transfers ownership to the new owners. 

Here's what happens next. . .

We have made it through all the major milestone of the buyer process, but we still have one final step, which is closing! My team will reach out to confirm if you want to attend closing at the title company (in-person) or if you qualify for and want a remote or mail-out closing with an e-notary. Also verify your identification requirements, funding details (including speaking with your lender if gaining a loan), and line up your movers. Review the Moving Guide below for tips and helpful local phone numbers in San Diego. 

Please remember, anything can happen in real estate, so we are not officially closed until we are closed.   So let’s keep all our ducks in a row and stay focused through the closing table. PS: we also sent out an email to the seller’s side to confirm special details on your new property and will share the results with you after closing is official and after we hand over keys.  (Title will update us this occurs after both parties have signed and funding has occurred.) 

Here are 3 Items we need your participation with:

  1. Show up to closing or sign via mail-out which includes an e-notary. (Confirm your final details: signing preferences, wiring/funding instructions, move-in details.)
  2. Arrange movers and call utility companies and insurance to transfer into your name
  3. Confirm your best mailing address as our team will be sending a custom “Congratulations” gif!

When under contract you gain priority access to my phenomenal support team.

Email: | Call or text:  619.333.7412

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