San Diego Buyer Process

Step Three. Offer Accepted, Dates & Deadlines

This means your offer has been accepted on the purchase of a property. The next phase is adhering to dates & deadlines in the contract allowing you to perform your due diligence.

Here's what happens next. . .

Congratulations you are under contract! From here there are a lot of dates and deadlines, and time is of the essence. This includes items such as depositing earnest funds with the title company and performing your due diligence. Date and deadline items can include things such as inspections, appraisal, HOA documents, surveys/ILC and so forth.  If allowable in your contract, this is the time when you have the option to object, accept or negotiate any of the previous items.  If you accept, nothing needs to be done. If you find something unsatisfactory your options may include terminating or objecting.  This is why it is key to thoroughly review your contract and understand your options during this phase of your purchase process. Don’t worry, I will be here with you through this process and will arm you with the information you need to make the decision that is best for you. 

3 Things we need your participation with:

  1. Deliver earnest funds, arrange inspections: ensure they adhere to contract deadlines (View wire fraud video)
  2. Email your lender that you are under contract (if a loan is involved), cc’ my team so we can ensure they have all contracts and info needed.
  3. Be prepared to negotiate and act quickly.  (You may have repair requests for the seller, appraisal concerns or lender requirements. There may also be documents for you to e-sign.)
Additional Information on your Dates & Deadlines:

Below is additional information on the 8 most common and relevant dates and deadlines to you as a buyer.  You have already received an email from us that lists the name of the deadlines that relate to you as well as the corresponding deadline.  While the list below covers the 8 most common, only the ones listed in your email will apply to you in this transaction.  PS:  These can also be found on pages __________in your fully-signed offer contract.  

1. Earnest Funds Due

Your earnest funds are listed in the email and is due on or prior to the date listed in the contract. You will most likely remit funds to the title company agreed-upon with the seller. If you are remitting your earnest funds via check make the check out to the Title Company and put the full address of the property you are purchasing in the memo section.  If remitting via wire, please confirm wiring instructions with the Title Company and review this resource to avoid wire fraud.  Be sure to update us when funds have been remitted so we can alert the seller’s agent and confirm a earnest fund receipt for your files and to send as proof to the seller.


2. Inspection Deadline(s)

We have until the date(s) agreed-upon in the contract for you to perform any inspections, follow-up inspections and potentially negotiate repairs. You will want to schedule an inspection as soon as possible to ensure vendor availability and we can confirm access with the seller. Your email will note times that we are available for you to schedule and either myself or a member of my team will be present for inspection. When you are scheduling the inspection, you may want to discuss with the inspector options for radon testing and sewer scopes and determine if you want those inspections as well.

Usually the seller is not present and you can make plans to attend all or the last portion of the inspection. We do not recommend discussing the condition of the property with the inspector at the house, but rather in a follow-up phone call, or in the safety of your private vehicle. Many homes have listening devices and it is best practice to be safe rather than sorry during your contract period.

Inspection day is also a great time to come and preview the house again, take measurements of rooms, etc., and start forming ideas of what you may need for when you move in. The inspector may want to discuss with you what they find and good tips for maintaining the house.  Again, discussing certain items may be safe, but further discussion should be handled outside of the property. Typically, the inspection takes 3-4 hours but could last longer depending on the size of the house.  


3. Appraisal: If paying all-cash, not applicable

If an appraisal is required by your lender, the lender will get it ordered and scheduled. The appraiser will contact the seller to schedule a time to walk through the property. It usually takes about 10-14 days for the appraisal to be completed and submitted to the lender for review. If there is anything on the appraisal report that needs to be addressed, we will discuss it then and decide how best to proceed.


4. Review CC&R’s / Preliminary Title Report:

There may be a few types of due diligence documents you want to review and they are listed below. Be sure to review and ask any questions on or prior to the deadlines as this will allow time for a potential resolution should any concerns arise.

-CC&R’s are sent to you from the title company and discuss relevant CC&R’s for the community or complex. This is to ensure you understand all of the rules and regulations surrounding usage of this property. Be sure to review and reach out to us with any questions or if you want us to find additional information.

-Preliminary Title Report will be emailed to you by title.

-The Seller’s Property Disclosure will be emailed to you from our team once received by the other party.  You will want to review and let us know on or prior to the date above if you have any questions or objections.


5. Insurance: 

a. Let us know asap on or prior to the above deadline if you have any questions or objection

b. Insurance agent contact info may be required by your lender

c. The insurance agent will issue an insurance binder to your lender (effective the day of closing)

d. The initial premium is usually paid through buyer closing costs by title (not directly by you to the insurance agent)

E.  List of lenders if you want to shop around


6. Lender – not applicable if this is an all-cash offer

a. Supply all docs requested by your lender ASAP

b. They will order appraisal

c. Underwriter final approval required

d. Docs are then ordered and sent to title for signing


7. Escrow – Expect a Letter or Email (in the next week)

a. Return buyers contact information sheet to escrow ASAP

b. Review Preliminary Settlement Statement (it comes just before signing).

c. Signing appointments are about 3-5 days before closing. Bring your driver’s license.

8. Closing Day: Keys to Your New Property!

Woohoo! When we get closer to this time-period we will have plenty of resources to ensure you feel ready.


When under contract you gain priority access to my phenomenal support team.

Email: | Call or text:  619.333.7412

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