Selecting your Real Estate Professional

Finding your real estate professional and deciding who to work with is the first step in your buyer journey.  This is when you meet with and interview agents to see if they are a good fit for you. This is also a good time for the real estate professional to gauge if you are the right client fit for them. We will spend our first call together to learn more about yourself, your needs and to briefly discuss the 3 topics discussed in the video to the right.

~Heather Connor, your San Diego real estate connection

Hello and welcome to our resource page for buyers!

My team and I have compiled numerous resources to aid in your journey of purchasing in beautiful San Diego, California. We also created the San Diego Buyer Process to help demystify purchasing in our rather sizable and ultra-competitive market. 

In the San Diego Buyer Process we have clearly outlined the purchase process which factors in California-specific factors as well as hyper-local San Diego aspects.  We have a specific series of resources which we share during each phase of your buyer journey.  When you work with me; my support team and I will always ensure you know where you stand in your buyer journey as well as what happens next.

During the initial 15-minute Buyer Discovery Call you’ll have a chance to ask questions and also gain some knowledge on the status of the San Diego buyer market.  During this time, we will have an opportunity to see if we may be a good fit to work together.  This is also a great time for us to have a better understanding of your buyer avatar so we can further customize your search alerts and the buyer resources that are relevant to you,

This is also a great time for us to put together your Buyer Success Map so you know exactly how to get to the finish line. 

2024 is still surprisingly competitive and a clear roadmap is necessary for buyers to win in todays competitive market.  We may discuss items such as market conditions, the buyer process and next steps to be prepared for when your dream home comes on the market. 


    1. Review the Brokerage Disclosure to Buyer. We are required to send you a copy of this, but you are not required to sign it.  See below for a sample PDF.
    2. Exclusive Right to Buy Contract. This must be signed for us to tour properties together. If you are brand-new to your search and not certain if you area ready to sign an extended agreement with an agent, ask me about our one-day showing agreement. See below for a sample PDF.
    3. San Diego Buyer Process.  When purchasing a home, there are specific phases to a buyer journey.  We took those general phases and further niched them down into a specific buyer process for San Diego.  This is our proven process to help buyers win in today’s competitve market.  


If we decide to work together our next email will share exactly what to expect as well as access to custom resources to help you navigate today’s market.   

Custom property searches, including immediate text alerts for properties that closely fit your search criteria.  Looking at homes (both in-person and remote viewings when you are not in-town). We also provide a House Hunting Checklist that you can utilize to keep specific notes on properties you have toured.  We will also discuss open houses and the fundamentals of how to make an offer that will get accepted. If you are gaining a loan, we can also share the 5 Steps to prepare for the Home Loan Process. You may have some specific questions that pop up for your unique scenario, so we can always schedule a call to discuss your specific questions and needs.  Look forward to connecting with you!  ~Heather

When under contract you gain priority access to my phenomenal support team.

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