How Long Does it Take to Close on a Home in Crested Butte?

Data compiled by Heather Connor, Realtor

Are you curious about how long it takes to buy a home in Crested Butte?

Things definitely work differently in a resort town than what you may be used to. And believe me, in Crested Butte, it can definitely be different. There are three different timeframes that you will fall within.

1. Purchasing with a loan
2. Purchasing all-cash
3. Super quick 7-10 day close

Purchasing a Home in Crested Butte with a Loan

If gaining a loan, it will be a minimum of 4 weeks if the real estate market is on the slower side and vendors are widely available. If you need appraisal and a survey, then it could easily take 45-60 days, especially if it’s a busier market and vendors are backed up. If you’re purchasing a condo or waiving a survey on the purchase of your home, then your purchase will be on a faster end of this timeframe.

Purchasing a Home in Crested Butte All-Cash

If purchasing all-cash and you want you use a local title company, then the fastest way they have been able to close and get all title work completed is three weeks.

Super Quick 7-1o Day Close

If you are all-cash and need to move quickly, and we mean along the lines of closing and moving in your home in 7-10 days, then we have you covered. If this is you, send me a DM, and I will help you expedite this process.

If you have questions, send me a text. 619.333.7412.

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