Grand Lodge | Mt. Crested Butte

Grand Lodge is considered a Condo-tel.  What does this mean?  Pretty much like it sounds.  It’s a condo that is privately owned, but its usage is run much like a hotel.  If you’re not familiar, it means that there are very specific rules on how much usage owners are allowed to stay in this property, there are uniformity rules on the interior furnishings and there’s a front desk, just like a hotel.  Something else worth noting is that financing on condo-tels does not usually fall under traditional financing terms and usually require a much higher percentage down.  As well, did you know that within that one building, that there are two HOAs and the rules and usage depend on wether you purchase in the West or the East tower.  

Also, are you a dog-lover?  There are specific units that allows pets and the majority do not,  With all of that being said if you are looking for an easy turn-key investment with a lot of amenities such as an outdoor pool, hot tub, workout room, billiards, an in-building restaurant and more then this investment may be worth considering.

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