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Heather Connor

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Welcome to my About Me page!

First of all, if you are anticipating a stiff, auto-generated, professional bio, then I hope mine dissapoints.  The bad news is that I don't prefer those, there is enough in life that is boring right?  The good news is that we are anything but traditional here in the mountains and that's probably why you're seeking Crested Butte.

Growing up I was raised in a family that may have appeared traditional in many ways (both parents were school teachers for 30 years +).  However, they always had an adventurous side to them.  We grew up with a vein of stability in our sweet home in Washington, located in the city of Black Diamond. But there was always adventure lurking around the corner.  

Me: I was born in Seoul Korea, and was adopted around the age of 3.  My mother and grandmother flew to Korea and picked me up from the orphanage.  To say I was stubborn as a child might be an understatement (if you ask my mom), but I believe that very same trait is was has continued to push me forward.  

My dad was a visionary of his own right, my mom was strong and a fighter.  Growing up, we sailed around the San Juan Islands, traveled to numerous foreign countries and skied during the winters.  My parents started, owned and operated a ski school for 25 years in the Snoqualmie Pass mountains.  We had a humble cabin in Hyak that my dad built. 

 During the early years, we would ride the ski lift up with all of our clothes and groceries and our family dog would loyally chase us underneath the ski lift.  Then, we would ski half-way down, traverse onto the seasonal road, and skate our skis to our cabin.  From there, the hill was so steep down that you usually had to grab all the items in your arms and just do your best as you slid down the hill.  Fast-forward many years, and here I am, living life in a gorgeous ski town called Crested Butte that I am lucky enough to call my home.  Here, the quality of life is unmatched, the community is vibrant, and the beauty of the mountains will leave you breathless.  

I believe we all have a story that guides us to the mountains.  I can't wait to meet you and hear your story of how this magical place captured your heart.

My team and I are here to help you shape your vision of living in this magical place and guide you to make it realit

The Daily with Heather:

Tidbits for today's thought leaders.

As a female entrepreneur, business owner, and living in what is mostly a male-populated mountain community.  It can be said that I play with and potentially against men all the time.However, the idea of “against” doesn’t resonate with me.  What’s interesting is that this specific topic came up due to my background.  In junior high I ended up in a gym class for boys wrestling.  How, you ask? Well, I chose it. (Click Image to read full blog)