Do You Need a Realtor in Today’s Modern World? Part 3 of 3

September 15, 2022
Author: Heather Connor, Realtor

Do you even need to hire a realtor in Crested Butte in today's modern world?

We previously mentioned that there are three reasons why you still need a real estate agent:

1. Contracts
2. Second job
3. Stress & cooperation

Stress & Cooperation

We discussed in the previous post about the time it takes to be your own realtor, but what about the added stress for being responsible for every aspect of transaction. I think of this question much like “Do you need to hire an attorney?” No. You can represent yourself in court. It just might be a little bit stressful when it’s not your profession and the final outcome is dependent on your skill level to represent yourself.

The second part of this two-fer is the cooperation aspect. Let’s be clear that professionals should do their job that they are hired to do no matter what. However, the other party, the title company, the lender–it’s not any of their jobs to teach you how to represent yourself in a real estate transaction. This may sound harsh, but you may find resistance in cooperation when you are taking up other people’s time asking questions that an agent would typically already know or have handled for you.

So, my final answer is no, you don’t need to hire an agent but should you.

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