Did You Miss the Boat on Selling Your Home for Top Dollar in 2022? Part 3 of 3

July 20, 2022
Author: Heather Connor, Realtor

PART 3: Have you missed the boat for selling your Crested Butte home in 2022?

We previously mentioned that there are three things you need to think about when selling your home:

1. When exactly do you plan on listing?
2.What is the condition of your home?
3. What is the general price point?

Let's continue our discussion and talk about the third point that you need to consider.

What is the exact price point of your Crested Butte property?

There are 3 segments of our market. To cover this quickly, there are essentially price points where there were multiple offers and the properties always sold over the list price. There is a segment of the market where properties did not have multiple offers but we found that they were still selling at the list price. Then, there were properties that did not have multiple offers and sat on the market for a really long period of time. Those actually sold for 5-20% below the list price.

So the question isn’t really “did you miss the boat in selling your home in 2022?”–the question is do you have a property that is still in high demand and can we still get you top dollar in the sale of your home?


If you’re curious if your Crested Butte property falls in what we just covered, set up a time with me or send me a message.


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