[Daily with Heather] What are Your Shackles

Yesterday we talked about stories and what stories we tell ourselves.  I can pin-point a few myself and they definitely do not serve me.  But what do we do from here?

Well, I find that my mind works a little more randomly when it comes to self-discovery.  Often I will have a thought or insight while driving, skiing, or in the middle of a webinar.  So I just jot down the note and come back to it later.

In fact, I love carrying a notebook or taking a quick audio note on my cell.  This makes it easy to capture those ideas without the fear of losing them later.  Then, I sit down, combine then all together into one place and look for consistencies.

I find that often I see a pattern start to emerge and this appears as an area where I need work.  I call it a shackle.  It’s something that does not serve you and it shackles you to your old beliefs and habits.  Shackles your day to day perception.

Being able to identify your shackles is the first step.

I hope this helps and that your Sunday was wonderful.

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow!


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