[Daily with Heather] Undercover Billionaire

How many of you have seen this show? 

I had, until recently, only heard about it. On a recent webinar with Grant Cardone, he mentioned the show again.

So I decided now was the time to finally watch it.  The premise is simple.  Take a successful entrepreneur, one that has reached billionaire status and throw them into a challenge.

They are dropped off in a random town where no one knows them.  They may choose to alter their appearance and must change their name and are not allowed to rely on their past success or contacts.  They are given an old beat-up vehicle, $100, and a cell phone.

They must secure housing, food, and by the end of the 90-day experiment, build a business that holds a minimum valuation of one million dollars.

Sounds impossible right?

I will share, it was quite fascinating to watch.  Their living situations (if they are lucky enough to have one) are quite humble. They are concerned about the basics of food, shelter, and having enough gas money.  They don’t know anyone and have a tremendous feat ahead of them.  

They are not allowed to call friends, family or associates for help.

As you watch further, you watch the story unfold.  

You see them break down and rise back up.  You see them having to humbly ask for things they would never dream of in their real life.  They show you how they interact with people. How people start to gain trust and like them. 

It’s a fascinating process.  

The biggest thing that got me was how normal they seemed.  Here are entrepreneurs that built billion dollar businesses and they are going through the same emotions that you and I would in a similar scenario.  They are having similar conversations that each of us could have.

So what is the difference?  I have my opinion, curious to know yours.


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