[Daily with Heather] Take 5 Minutes to Do This

Today I was out on the field, preparing to launch some new property listings for the week.  During this process, there is one part that I don’t love.   That is putting the sign up on the property.  

Why, you ask?

Because I stand there with this rubber mallet for what feel like hours.  Of course, this is an exaggeration (except that one winter when I was unprepared and tried to hammer a sign into a frozen ground.)  As I sit there, I think, there has to be a better way.

And you know what?  There is of course.  I just simply don’t take the 5-10 minutes to google it and then order what I need.

It’s so easy to move on.  It’s so easy to just say it’s not a big deal. . . until the next time it occurs.  Then you’re frustrated that you’re still doing the same thing.

As I’m on the field today, with my trusty rubber mallet, it got me wondering.  What else in my life am I just letting be that I know would only take a few moments to improve.

I’m curious if this resonates with you and if so, what your “things” are.

Enjoy your Saturday and look forward to connecting tomorrow.

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