[Daily with Heather] Perception

I love real estate reality shows as much as the next guy. (Or gal.) 

Of course, I think that it paints an unrealistic picture of what life is really like.  Anybody that knows me knows how much I love my wedge heels, and how much I love my make-up.  Of course, we all know that it’s not logical that my hair has blonde streaks and that takes a little time sitting in a chemical chair.  

What you may not know is that I am sitting here right now with my hair wet, wearing yoga pants and a jacket.  I am also wearing flip-flops as our mountain weather is unsure if it’s going to be beautiful and sunny or if its going to snow today. I am far from a glamorous or ideal look for photos or videos today.  

Usually we only see people in the spotlight and when they are “on”.  We only see the highlights of someone’s life on Instagram, Facebook, or property videos.  I think we all know it’s not a sustainable way to view others or to view ourselves. Or at least not for me.  I am far too lazy to get made up every single day.  It would be amazing to have sometime style me while I get a few extra minutes of sleep or while I’m watching a work webinar, but that is not feasible for my lifestyle.

Of course, when it’s time for property videos, headshots, I may go the extra mile.  However, underneath all of it, I have some of my happiest moments in my sweats which are usually covered in dog hair.  #LifeofaDogMom.   Yes, I just hash-tagged in my blog  #sorry.

However, like many of you that are true professionals in your craft-often people don’t see the true work that goes behind what we do.  The late nights, the early phone calls, 8pm with coffee trying to get through a deadline.  The crossed fingers that an e-signature will arrive in our inbox before midnight.  The heartaches of watching our clients miss out on a property that they fell in love with.  Agents that disappear during a transaction, sellers or buyers that disappear during a transaction.  Apologizing to your spouse, kids, dogs, pet turtles that you did not get to spend quality time with them that day.

It’s all part of it.  Just like what you do in your career, many people do not see the effort it takes for you to show up for them.  So, as I write this, I’m trying to figure out what my point is.  I suppose it would be, learn to appreciate what you have.  

Never compare yourself against someone else’s life that appears perfect on social media.  In fact, applaud other’s success, but never internalize it enough that you ever feel that you need to compete against it.

In further reflection, and as I write this, it’s something that I am personally working on.  I share this as I think we can all fall victim to perceiving others as having it easier and better. But their life isn’t perfect and neither is yours.  Neither is mine.  And that’s okay.

Thanks for joining me today and I hope you are all having a beautiful Thursday.  Look forward to connecting tomorrow.


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