[Daily with Heather] Does Talent Matter?

I am lucky enough to have so many mentors in my life. Some know I exist as a human being and many have no idea I exist – but they still inspire me daily. As I was scrolling through Instagram the other day, a post showed up from Tom Bilyeu. For those that know him, he is a powerhouse with an inspiring story of his own. I love that his story is intertwined with his wife Lisa, who is a powerhouse of her own right. The post was simple and it is a message we all know well. In fact it might seem boring or repetitive. Here it is below:

“Whether you have talent, whether you don’t. The only thing that matters is:

Will You Persevere?

Will you Stick with it long enough to get great?”

It seems we have this expectation of instant gratification these days. Who can really blame us as everything is on-demand. With everything being so easy, so accessible and on-demand, have we cheated ourselves of the expectation to persevere?

I have two thoughts on this. One is that if you don’t stick with it, was it that important to begin with? The second thought would be, if it was important, have we lost the respect behind perseverance?

I will save you the long story of my early working years and how I started most of my endeavors from the ground up. Usually I find that the folks that I respect aren’t’ necessarily the clear winners in the beginning. Through sheer perseverance they have carved out the talent they hold now. They have carved out their success, and it now shines as Talent.

Let me know if this resonates with you.


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