[Daily with Heather] David Meltzer on Learning Lessons

David Meltzer is co-founder of Sports1 Marketing and former CEO of Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment industry.  

Many of you may be familiar with the aforementioned company as it was the inspiration behind the movie Jerry Maguire. 

You know, the movie with the famous line. ”you complete me. . .”  

Okay, enough of that.  Let’s get back on track and look at a few highlights from his speech.  i found him to be a wonderful speaker and the blog link will take you to his full video of his Fireside Chat on Youtube.  

The main theme that I derived was that life is about learning lessons. I highlighted a few of his key points that hit home with me.

  1.  Know your own values.  Every morning wake up and look at your overall values.  Your personal, experiential, giving and receiving values. Also, every day, determine what your values are.
  1. The Ask and Attract.  Ask a series of questions of how you can provide value.  The second series of questions, many wont ask as it requires radical humility.  Ask who can help you and the ask is difficult for most people.  If you feel confident in what you will do when you receive, it will make it easier to accept help.
  1. Student of your Calendar.  Metzer studies his calendar through a lens of productivity, value, accessibility and gratitude.  He also studies the “white space” of when he is not scheduled and what he does with this.  Being a student of your calendar is a clear way to keep track of Attention and Intention.   
  1. Practice Ending Fear.  We have a happiness problem.  Fear is an ego-based emotion and while we will never get rid of it, it can be aware of it and mitigate its power. The problem with fear and ego, is that it takes you off of a trajectory that you want to be on.  It can be an acceleratnt and it can be misdiagnosed as a motivator.   The concern is that it will focus you, but it will eventually drain your energy.  Practice truth-based consciousness as truth brings calmness.

I personally appreciate how open and honest he is in the video.  Would love to know what your key takeaways are.  Thanks for joining me this lovely Monday and look forward to connecting tomorrow.


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