[Daily with Heather] Black Sheeps

In Crested Butte we have always been a very seasonal community. We have always had a large seasonal influx of home buyers from the Oklahoma and Texas markets.  

Back in 2008, when the market had a crash, we saw more local folks driving further and exploring other towns in their state.  During this time, local Colorado folks started to find Crested Butte.  Many shared with me that it was a welcome reprieve from the busier mountain towns along the I-70 corridor.

We also had a grant where the RTA had additional funds to play around with different flights.  This offered the financial freedom that they otherwise could not afford to test out varying  direct flight locations. It was an opportunity to not only offer more direct flights but also to bring in more of a varied demographic of visitors into our local Gunnison airport.    We started seeing some more folks from California and Chicago from those flights.

Through the years, many things have happened that have shaped our community.  Crested Butte used to be a collection of “black sheeps” from their families.  And all of us gathered and celebrated in our weirdness together.

Over time, different events came in.  Some billionaires started quietly investing into the community.  Bud Light bought up the entire town for Whatever, USA. (Yup, thats my glass from the Bud Light event.)   Every time, there was some version of a backlash in regards to giving up the soul of our town.  

The pandemic created a real estate fervor that none of us anticipated.  Every friend of mine that is a realtor near the mountains, water or open space were working tirelessly to meet the demand.

Now, you may be surprised to find out that our top 5 feeder markets are far different than past markets.  In Gunnison County all top five of our incoming buyers were from within the state of Colorado.  Does that blow your mind?  

Texas and Oklahoma are not even in the top 5 list.  Surprisingly, folks are leaving our area and the top four are also within Colorado.  In fifth place was the only location outside of the state of Colorado and that was Maricopa County, Arizona.

In general, surely things will change and of course none of us expected any of these events to shape the culture of our town.

One thing that I hope will never change is the community we have here in Crested Butte.  

And maybe, that we all stay just a tiny bit weird.  

Black Sheeps and all.


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