[Daily with Heather] Being Lewis


We talk about it all the time, but how much does it matter, and what does it really mean.

Well, I watched this Youtube video with Grant Cardone where he reflects back on his experience during the filming of Undercover Billionaire. 

During the show, he was dropped in Pueblo, Colorado.  He was cold, had altitude sickness, and  missed his family.  He talks about how he “forgot he was Grant Cardone”. . . and became this guy.  

This guy was a fictional character named Lewis Curtis – and Lewis was broke, lost everything and was trying to build it all back up.  

Grant shares how he start to buy into the character and as mentioned prior “forgot he was Grant Cardone. . .”  

In my opinion, Grant has a little bit of superhero in him.  This man has so much energy, drive and confidence.  So to hear him say that he bought into a character that was none of those things that epitomize who he is, really surprised me.

While I share that it surprised me, let me be clear that I loved that he shared this. 

If this guy can have this experience, it opens the door for all of us.  It opens the door to remember we are all just human.  We all have good moments, bad moments, high moments, low moments.

And, it does bring me back to. . .  mindset.

Lewis was just a mindset.  

Dare we say that Grant is just a mindset.  

What are your thoughts?


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