Vacation Rentals in Town of Crested Butte

Data compiled by: Heather Connor, Realtor

Short-term rentals are quite the hot topic! I'll give you the lowdown in Crested Butte.

We'll cover the basics for short-term rentals for the following:

1. Town of Crested Butte
2. Mt. Crested Butte
3. Crested Butte South
4. Other locations.

Town of Crested Butte

There are 2 types of licenses: the unlimited and the limited. There are a limited number of the unlimited license and if Crested Butte is your second home or an investment, this is the only type of license you qualify for. The number of licenses is 30% of the allowable rental market. Only locals that claim Crested Butte as their primary home are eligible for the limited license which has a lesser fee and a lower number of days they can short-term rent per year.

Mt. Crested Butte

This is a completely different town than the Town of Crested Butte and thus has different governing laws. Mt. Crested Butte tends to be more pro-growth and has no restrictions on getting a license from town.

Crested Butte South

CB South currently does not have any restrictions. However, there is a vote to potentially pass a new inclusion in the covenants that would restrict to 90 days of short-term rentals per year.

Other Locations

The biggest thing to know is that there will be owners associations that may have further restrictions. If you’re looking at a specific property in a specific location, it’s best to call your experienced realtor.

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