Business Owner Interview: Ginny Turner of CORE Crested Butte.

Episode 25. Buying a home is more then just the price per square foot, it’s also about the community, local culture and the amenities that are offered. In our latest episode, Heather is interviewing her friend and local business owner, Ginny, to get the scoop on her business and what CORE Crested Butte offers to our local community.

Heather: Hi everyone Heather Connor here with Black Diamond Resort Group brokered through exp Realty, and today I am here with Ginny Turner of CORE and she’s located in downtown Crested Butte and Ginny is a friend, a trainer, and a local business owner so Ginny thanks so much for being here today.

Ginny: Yeah, you’re welcome thanks for having me!

Heather: Absolutely! yeah so first question I’m just curious how did you get into the fitness industry?

Ginny:  Well I was always in sports growing up and I had a family that was actually fairly overweight so I kind of decided that I didn’t want to be that way and I got my education in recreation actually, and then decided one day I’m gonna actually become a personal trainer, that was almost 20 years ago and I spent about 11 years in San Diego really honing my craft before I moved back here and open the studio.

Heather: Okay perfect, and then how did core come about? Like how did this business get created?

Ginny: So I started training people in the park.

Heather: Which park?

Ginny: All parks, Rainbow Parks, Crested Butte South Park, everywhere that I could. I was training people on the roof at Eleven.

Heather: Did they know that?

Ginny: Yeah they did, it was it was the Eleven crew, and one day I just decided I needed a brick and mortar and it was either keep doing what I was doing and be okay, or take the next step and so I took the next step. 

Heather: Can you share with everybody a little bit more about core and the type of classes that you offer here?

Ginny: I actually am a private facility with a private fitness studio so we do a lot of personal training, we do small groups, I do nutrition as well, yeah it’s a great thing nutrition is typically in a small group and it really helps motivate people they get really excited about sharing with their group/friends so it works very well. In the winter we’re offering about 22 classes a week, in the summer it’s more like 15 ish classes a week, so we do circuit training, we do spin classes, we do there’s a Pilates class, a yoga class, a class specifically for nine to fivers for people who sit at the desk, so there’s lots of different classes.

Heather: I have been part of your regular core group I did start off before I injured my ACL. I was actually starting part of your small group which is really great as well because it offers you a little bit of consistency with your team and a little bit more accountability.

Ginny:  Absolutely yeah!

Heather: Then because for me I just had a recent injury now I’m working with one of your private trainers.

Ginny: We offer a little bit of everything. My goal is to have a highly qualified team so that we can offer a lot of variety and quality instruction.

Heather: Now you say you’re a private training facility, so for those that are visiting for a week or a month, or second homeowners that come and visit for the whole summer, can they just drop in or do you have to be a member? How does that work?

Ginny: I don’t offer memberships per se, you can drop in, you can drop into the classes, you can drop into personal training, I’ve had families come so mom, dad, and like their three kids under the age of 10 or something that was really exciting. We do whatever I am just not a public facility so you can’t pay a monthly membership fee and then come workout in here. So when you’re in core you’re with an instructor or you’re with the personal trainer, and that’s how that works.

Heather: Here’s a question for you, how long have you owned core how long has it been in existence?

Ginny: Core has been open for five years.

Heather: Okay awesome,a long time!

Ginny: it is! Today is the five-year anniversary!

Heather: Over those five years and during the process of like you know first of all just starting a new business in general and then you know the seasonality of Crested Butte and in our in our special resort environment, what is something that has been maybe the the biggest thing that you’ve really loved about starting and owning this business?

Ginny: Well mainly it provides me the opportunity to do what I love, and here in Crested Butte it’s hard to do that essentially. You know starting your own business tends to be kind of the way to go, and my take on personal training and fitness classes is a little bit different than other people’s in that every workout is very unique and is very tailored to the individual, so I didn’t want to work in a place that wasn’t doing that, so that’s why I created the space so that I could do that plus I love being my own boss. I’ve never worked in an office, I’m not sure I could. Being my own boss is a great thing.

Heather: Ginny, thanks so much for joining us today and for sharing some more about your business, and I am really excited and maybe we get to see your new facility in the future. For those of you that are interested in either learning more, or signing up for classes, whether you’re local or visiting for a season go ahead and go to and we’ll go ahead and also include her contact information in the show notes below. Thanks for joining me you guys for another episode of the Crested Butte Real Estate Show.

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