3 Fake Reasons to Move to Crested Butte

November 17, 2022
Author: Heather Connor, Realtor

This is a very succinct list and if you live in Crested Butte, I dare you to disagree with me

Here are three reasons why you must buy in Crested Butte.

Your significant other will love you more

There’s just something about being in the beauty of our mountains, whether it’s the snow-covered ranges or the wildflower drenched hills–Crested Butte’s natural beauty will just make your other person happier. Thus, they will translate that happiness onto you.

Your kids will have a higher quality of life

If you have kids, imagine the freedom they get with growing up: learning to ski, riding their bike to school, and creating friendships and connections that are challenging in larger areas.

Your dog, if you have one, will adore you more

Crested Butte is truly dog heaven. And you will be hard pressed to find a better “yard” than what our backcountry trails, hills, and campsites offer.

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